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11 Липень 2022
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Незабаром туристичні походи

8 Квітня, 2014

Конные прогулки

8 Квітня, 2014


Ежегодно Буковинские Карпаты становятса все популярнее как для туристов, так и для велосипедистов. Регулярно появляются новые веломаршруты, благодаря чему велотуризм в Карпатах стремительно развивается и находит […]

Відгуки наших гостей

Тетяна Тимощенко
Тетяна Тимощенко
posted 1 year ago

Do you want to see the real beauty of the local mountains? Scary to get lost? In order not to waste time looking for the Instagram location for which you came, you to him!
In fact, it was not me who should write this review, but my children.
-She is, mom, friendly, which is suspicious. Here, in general, people are kind of weird: kinder. 🤔
And during the campaign the boys flourished) Our guide Mykola could become their mentor and example. 💪 We constantly quarrel and try to push something into them - tired and irritated 🙄 in their cities, in contrast to his youth and enthusiasm.
-And he told everything, and pulled through the stretched stones, he probably likes to take pictures, mom? 😉
-And he played on a drum, still on a flute, and he has Carpathian apples from his grandmother, mothers, they are so delicious, I have no allergies to them.
-... And I found spring water, and planted it so high and showed the trick ..
- .. And his tea is tastier, this course guide.😜
Life sometimes confronts us with wonderful people❤️. We will definitely be back to go through unseen waterfalls and contrasting journeys that are off the plan.
I can continue, but you better see for yourself ...

Valeria Kopytova
Valeria Kopytova
posted 9 months ago

We rested in the hotel "Karpaty Migovo". The rest exceeded all expectations! We are extremely glad that we met Mikolya - a cool guy, a professional in his field. Mikola organized a tour for us to Mount Stizhok, Mount Magura and also a trip to Bukovel! We want to express our huge thanks to him!
Mikola not only loves his job, he lives it!

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  • Ми організуємо зустріч з залізничного вокзалу. Чернівці - Мигово.
  • Також доставляємо гостей до залізничного вокзалу Мигово-Чернівці.
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