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11 Квітень 2023
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Незабаром туристичні походи

8 Квітня, 2014

Конные прогулки

8 Квітня, 2014


Ежегодно Буковинские Карпаты становятса все популярнее как для туристов, так и для велосипедистов. Регулярно появляются новые веломаршруты, благодаря чему велотуризм в Карпатах стремительно развивается и находит […]

Відгуки наших гостей

Alexandra Koval
Alexandra Koval
posted 2 years ago

I can’t help but leave a review))) We have been vacationing in Migovo with family and friends for many years, but this year Migovo Info, namely Mykola, managed to bring new emotions, unforgettable impressions, we thought we would not be surprised, but Mykola will find entertainment for anyone company, the first time we met in the summer of 2020, even then from the first day you feel that he does not just do his job, but lives it, Mikola immediately becomes a friend and worries about each of you. In the summer we had rafting, and then we also went to the forest for a picnic and it all happened at the highest level and with adventure. And so, we just returned from a winter holiday, having arrived in Migovo, the first thing we did was recruit Mikola, because there was no doubt that he would come up with an interesting quest for us again) And we were 100% right. By the way, if you are very lucky, Mikola can still become your ski instructor, but that's another story) I can talk for a long time about the beauties of this place and about Mikoli's professionalism, openness, sincerity and ingenuity! You will be in Migovo - do not miss the opportunity to get to know him personally!)

Ольга Шолух
Ольга Шолух
posted 1 year ago

We were on May 4, 2021, our guide Nikolai is super, a very responsible person told and showed everything, we went to the Guk waterfall, the road along the river, the children were delighted, the children were 7 and 12 years old, and on May 5 we were in the mountains of the Scriptures, what kind of stone is 1221 meters above sea level, it is not easy to climb, but it is worth it, the view is incredibly beautiful. I advise everyone who will be in Migovo

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